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Cemetery by Allyson Turner

Photo Credit: Ian Taylor for Unsplash

My father’s grave lies in an unknown plot of land.

He lives still,

but sometimes I remember that the ground now

exists where he will one day be buried, or scattered.

My mother and I visit cemeteries wherever we go.

Morbid, some say.

A graceful acceptance of death, say I.

I’ve come to terms with my own mortality without longing for

death. My own remains will one day be scattered on a wind that

sometimes comes to brush my cheek,

tangling the ends of my hair,

flirting with my warm, living flesh.

I live.

And wait for the day I can become

one with the stars again.

Ashes to ashes.

Stardust to stardust.

Allyson Turner is a poet, a dreamer, a crafter, a lifelong student of the earth, and a librarian. They have been writing poetry for over a decade now in the pursuit of living what someone once called “a poetic life.” Allyson draws from their religious background — using Biblical imagery to a fault — their queerness, a mystical view of the universe, and the desert landscapes they grew up surrounded by. They are currently pursuing an MLIS and hope to incorporate poetry into a career in librarianship.

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