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Trailing Off

By Jeffrey Blaustone

The end finds him in piney woods on a 

kindred trail of copper earth tamped by

 his many quests. Marbled with sun, it

 stretches before him like the neck of a 

giraffe, attenuate till, at last, it’s 

shrouded in trees.  And in their 

odysseys between umbel and raceme, 

green metallic bees assemble for his 

passing; a Boisduval’s blue readies its 

wings to shepherd him through the

 arrowleaf; and distant dogs whine in 

their yards, a dirge for one much closer, 

reclined inside diagonal gloom of a 

bough canceling his path. Incredulous, I 

ask, ‘Since when, old friend,

are you ever ready to leave?’

trailing-off (Jake photo).jpg

About the Author

Long ago, Jeff Blaustone received his MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University but then spent the rest of his life working in the tech sector. Currently, he teaches MIS and digital marketing at Gonzaga University. Now and then, he'll write something when it can't be helped.

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