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One Hundred Ways

There are one hundred

ways that I miss you

When I’m still awake

at midnight

talking to myself

because you’re no longer 

here to talk to

When I glide across

the dance floor on my own 

because I’d rather

dance alone

than replace you

When I set a place

for you at the table

Or say your name

whenever I’m able

because forgetting is

my greatest fear

When I play

your favourite song

in my car

on the way to work

Just in case

you can hear

I might not cry like Summer 

Tears won’t bring you back

 Or sit graveside like your 

dad because I don’t

believe you’re there

But there are one hundred 

ways that I miss you

Even now the pain’s not so raw 

And before long

without even trying

I know I’ll find

one hundred more

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About the Author

Anna writes about the world as she sees it (with the odd twist and turn). Her work can be found online and in various zines and anthologies, including Fifty Word Stories, 101 Words and Lights Go Out. You can follow her story on Twitter at @annasanderson86.

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