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Bury Me

Gabriel Meek

Do it more than once:

               dig me back up

               and find a better spot

               split me apart

               bury my head away from my heart

Make someone ponder the details:

               bury me with 130 walking sticks

               bury me with a thousand arrows

               make it anachronistic

               like gilded mummies in a recycled tomb

Change the definition:

               bury me in water and waves

               bury me in the open sky

               bury me in sand to my neck

               bury me in the pot of a tree

Or don’t bury me at all:

               bury me inside a wall

               like my great grandparents

               whose two urns share one cubby

About the Author

Gabriel Meek is a poet from Spokane, Washington, where he earned his MFA from Eastern Washington University. His poems have appeared in Furrow Magazine, Madcap Review, Star*Line, and elsewhere.

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